June 24, 2011

Gifted Episode 3 - To Counter the Enemy

I went for training every single chance I got every day after a short battle with David the Flamethrower two days before. I realized that I still need more speed than before because David was way faster than me. I also thought that because David listened obediently (well, quite actually) to his colleague at the back, that one should be stronger.

 I didn’t know what to train in order to become stronger so I tried to create new system of defending mechanism that can appears helluva lot more faster than the previous system. I thought of that half a day, tried every ideas that came to my mind. I asked one of my friends, Billy, whose ability was to detect any energy field around any creatures he sees, to detect mine. I ordered my blades to stay invisible, than his turn to detect if any energy were present. He said that he can detect my blades energy around my body easily.
“Now what? What I am supposed to do?” I protested.
“What exactly are you trying to do?” Billy asked.
“I tried everything that is possible to do in order to counter my enemy’s speed, yet any of them didn’t work.”
“Is he that fast? Your blade is like hell fast already, I think.”
“I know, but it is still not enough. He’s way faster than me.”
“You want to summon your defending blades to counter him? Summon? Why don’t you just make them invisible that when attack, make them visible.”
“I know but—wait. That’s a good idea. If I summon them, it takes exactly one second to appear. However if I just make them visible when he attack, they appeared instantly.”
“Then that settles it.”
“Yeah. Thanks. I before thought how to become only faster, not smarter, you know.”
“It’s nothing. Okay then, I’ve got something to do. See you later.”Billy replied and walked away.

 I then tried to create a new skill or power or whatever to counter David’s attack. I brainstormed for about a day full but I got nothing. The next day I tried to control hydrogen in the air to produce fire and explosion but it took too long. I tried another element which was carbon dioxide molecule to distinguish David’s fire, but I was alone, the amount of CO2 produced was too little (there were no other creatures to breathe out CO2). I was exhausted, both my mind and body too. I ate the food that I brought with me and then continued my training. I have nothing to train for, so I kept developing my fire producing skill, little by little. It took a large amount of energy to create an explosion (and a lot of time too).

            After about an hour of a very tiring no-benefit-at-all training, I ate again. “Wow fire takes helluva lot of energy. It’s been only an hour but I’m tired like a two-days-non-stop-usual-training. “I thought. I jumped on my feet, trying to stand still, after that I closed my eyes. Then something came across my mind. “What the hell I was thinking before? I forgot about Alpha State!” I yelled. I concentrated my mind and entered Alpha State.
         After about fifteen minutes, I exited Alpha State. I saw my surrounding, it was all black. It was like the color after something has been burned. I was shocked. Well, Alpha State only concentrate on what was one’s doing, not the effect to surrounding. Immediately, I tried to think about a lump of hydrogen molecules about fifty meters before the place that I stood on, then I was like ordering the hydrogen lump to explode after I snapped my fingers. I snapped it, and then there was an explosion, a very big one.

            A new letter arrived, this time was quite a neat handwriting. It said: “Dear blades controller. I’ve been waiting to meet you since the first time we met. So, tomorrow, the same place as before. Only two of us.” He wanted to meet me. So I kept training the whole day, developing my new technique.   

There was still about two hours left before bed time, a.k.a resting time before big battle that will be the next day. I was thinking about naming the technique, but that skill I was developing was originated from David’s fire technique. So, I have decided not to give it a name, instead use the time to make it more powerful.

 I am only able to make an explosion, so I was thinking to give it some shape. “So, what shape will it be, eh?” I said to myself. I tried to copy David’s blade-shaped-fire skill, it was a success but it took too much time (not that much, but I’ll be killed while casting that skill) so I wanted it to be my own skill. I think about a lump of hydrogen exploded in my finger-snapping command and in a second it exploded. I’m still unable to make it explode instantly. 

Just out of blue,I was gazing at a beautifully-crafted sword of mine, it was single-edged, looks like a scimitar, the blunt side was crafted like a dragon was resting on it. Then at the end of the grip was the dragon’s mouth, like the grip came out from its mouth, the sword’s cross-guard was that dragon’s body winding around the rain guard. Its sharp point was looked like hell sharp so that it can cut my face into fourteen pieces only with a light blow. There was also a three-dragon-finger-with-sharp-claws pommel that looked useful in certain condition, maybe to stab a monster that strikes from behind. 

Suddenly an idea came into mind, and I immediately tried it out. It worked quite perfectly. Then I keep developing the two new skills that I’ve found in one day, until it was bed time. The second, latest   technique have been improved, it strikes exactly half a second after casting.

“Wow that is awesome. With this, I might have a chance to cut David again and again before he could regenerate! Woo hoo!” I yelled. I walked back to my room, took about fifteen minutes, and I jumped onto my bed and tried to prepare a battle plan. Five minutes after that I was asleep.  

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