March 19, 2011

Study Life Vs Working Life

*no greetingS*

It has been long since I last updated my Blog. Well i know that not many people will read my blog,anyway. But just to share if it just in case.

Well Since i transferred Here,from previous institute of higher learning , my life starting to get better. To learn about things we interested in and we wanted to is very refreshing. I rarely get mad here (LIAR!!) as my friends here are so unique. EACH ONE of them. My roommate is a genius, my classmates are very talented instead of being very clever , of course. All of them seems They have their own styles of being friends with other, their social life , how they enjoying life without forgetting about future and most important without forgetting about their status as a Muslim.

      Well , all working man said that " study life is the  greatest time in life " . Yes I (quite) agree. My higher generations always mention to me " this is the time to enjoy while chasing the....'matlamat' .Once you're in working life, there will be no more of those. You'll be burdened with heavier and bigger problems. So,train yourself from now in order to prepare for working life." However if we asked the student him/herself (me) ,their answer will be " NO! Study ,classes,study, classes, quizzes, tests  !!! ARGHH!! what a burden !!! " Actually both are right, as life is not that easy . Only the difference is working life will be HARDER.

     Problems are anywhere. For a Muslim, If one do not has any problems, then that person is so unfortunate. Its like ALLAH did not care about that person anymore, just for the time to come. Even our Prophet Muhammad have problems on his own ! For a student, normally the problems will be : the subjects are too hard,  bullied by "friends" , Lecturers , friends and classmates attitudes , money , time , health , and many others . Whatsoever are the problems are, we must be patient and solve them properly . We can ran from all those life, but you can't ran from your own feet .

    It is even taught in Al-Quran how to make a "roti canai " ! How? Ask the person who knows. That is the "how" .to solve problems, ask seniors, ask lecturers, ask Tok Imam or whoever you should . We may have friends that have a disgusting ability such as third-eye or whatever, or who learns forbidden arts that we cannot make them hurt even a little bit. the point is ASK !!!

   Emm. Actually i dont know what else to write, so...I'll add more when i know more.