May 7, 2011

Gifted Episode 2-Order Of The Might

Assalamualaikum. Ni mcm episode or chapter 2 la cerita merapu aku ni. Enjoy.

After Behemoth was defeated and get ridden of two weeks ago, a new threat came. It was a group of human-like monsters that were insanely strong and high level; of strength and also intelligence.  A human-like monster is the highest degree of monster organization as they are in the most agile form of their shape and power. Behemoth was their pawn of the lowest level of strength and intelligence and he is far different from human-like form. A fortnight after Behemoth killed, the group of monsters sent us a letter. The front page or the address page of the letter was written: “From: Order of the Might.” 

“Good performance, a very good one indeed. Behemoth, it’s that what ye’ called for that poor creature, eh? Ye’ all seem to be of an intriguing power bearer. We all here are happy for at last we had found a power that might be our match. Behemoth was our weakest underling, yet the blades controller seems to have a hard time with him. We have already made our decision. Ye’ will be meeting us as the mountain, in a realm just like ye’ used to defeat our underling, only it’s our creation. Better send the best man or the town will vanish. Sorry for the disturbance and our long letter. We‘re very sorry, for maybe it’s the last time ye’ will ever read. Better get ready, cause it’s tonight. “

This is what their very-bad-handwriting-that-is-almost-impossible-to-read letter looks like. So we made our decision to meet them, not bringing ALL of   our best man but only two of them. I’m included. We went to the mountain and found that freaking realm’s entrance. We entered the realm and saw five of them stood in front of us. They look so like a human but still had the characteristics of a monster. We were of five men too, luckily. They were wearing black blazer with black trousers and like-hell-ugly fucking red shoes.  One of the stepped forward and began speaking.

“So these are your best men? Only five?” he said. I stepped forward too and answered him “we knew that you’d send ONLY five so we also send the very same number.”

“That is a very good and highly reasonable answer. Okay then which is the strongest between five of you? I bet you’ll take only a second to answer that because only TWO are the best you send, is that right?” he asked again.

“We are of equal strength but I will be the only one needed to eliminate all of you. “ I said.

“Then we’re about to see of what level you are able to eliminate us. No, only me. NOW! “He charged forward.

I called for my defending blades, but his speed was unbelievable he managed to touch my head before my defending blades repelled him away. I was shocked of his agility. He managed to touch me then even had the time to evade my blades that appears only a quarter of a second after he touched my head.

“So you are hell very good then. Honestly I was shocked.” I said.

He replied “I am testing your friends now. “ Then he charged again, and then disappeared. He appeared at my left and said “watch closely of what you’ll get when cheating us.”Then he disappeared again and appeared in front of my colleagues.

He pulled his left hand backward and then flames came out, surrounding from his elbow down to his open palm and straight fingers(like the Taekwondo’s Knife Hand Chop), began to take a form like a fucking blade which it’s length was about nine inches from his longest finger. Then he slashed that hand and the flames rushed from his hand, catching my three weak colleagues (the other strong one managed to evade the flame) and burned them. They clumsily tried to evade or avoid or defend (not so defending I guess) themselves from that shitty flames but they are a fucking score too late.  The human-like monster then snapped his left hand’s fingers, and in a split second the flames exploded. They were left without any traces, not even a little piece of their teeth or nails or hair.  

I yelled “NO! What’ve you done? I’ll get you paid for that! “I summoned my offending blades then commanded them to attack. “ Attack with FULL power! “Those blades rushed forward and all six of them slashed the monster. He tried to defend himself while they were taking their initial position to swing. Or cut. He assumed that my blades were brittle and to his surprise his hands were cut off completely instead.

Holy sh--, worm! This is interesting. You’re real strong eh? Come on, let’s one on one.” The monster said.

“NO. You’re wasting our time. That is enough.” The other monster from those four in the back suddenly spoke.

“Hey I just found a---“the one in the front tried to argue but was interrupted by that monster in the back “I think you are not deaf or otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

It looks like the other four in the back were way stronger that the one in front. Then one of those in the back who stopped the monster in the front only with words then disappeared and appeared instantly before me, he said “We’ll meet again. Be sure to not cheating again next time. If you are not cheating just now, I would’ve let the two of you fight longer. You’ve spoiled my good mood, and if I can’t control my temper I would’ve killed you in an instant. “
             Then he walked slowly, joining his group which was already moving towards the exit of the black realm. The one whose hands cut off, already had his hand completely regenerated, he stopped and looked at me. He said “you sure are strong. Be ready. Next time will be our final battle. I’m really hoping that you could match my power and speed. Then we can fight at equal ground.” he walked about two steps and stopped, looking at me again and introducing “And, my name is David the Flamethrower.” He smiled and then all of them disappeared.
               After about half an hour, me and my colleagues arrived at our headquarters.  My underlings came and surrounded me. They asked many questions that I can’t get them answered.”Just how strong was that freaking weird-ass?”, ”Hey did you use your Black Fang Slash and commanded it to chop off his bloody head?”, “Did you entered into that rockin’ Alpha State?”, “Did you summon your best blade and slash his fucking body?” I was so shocked that there are monsters outside that are so strong and powerful. David the Flamethrower himself is a good example. I know that he did not even use his power to his full extent yet.

Hah. Habis. Lepas ni sambungannya lagi. InsyaAllah.

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