April 26, 2011

Being A Gifted Man

            There are many gifted person in our world. The one that we often heard is likely to be seeing ghosts, a natural born psychic, and those we watch in “heroes” (a lie). Talking about gifted, it means that person is special, or have superpowers and…such that.            
             In Mathematics Form 5, chapter named ProBABIlity, we learn those premises and conclusion. So here is what I wanted to tell from earlier, “Premise 1- I am a gifted person “. "Premise 2- Gifted person have powers.” “Conclusion- I haVE powerS.” Yes, it is true, I have powers. NO, no I cannot fly. So, what can I do?
            My specialty is I am able to control elements those listed in Periodic Table of Chemistry that can be found in “The Principles of General Chemistry-S. Silberberg-RM 75.00(buy one free none).” Yes I can control whatever I wanted in this reality but within a range of 750 meters only. So below the story begins.
            My name is Candidate A, nicknamed by my colleagues “C.A”. I was approached by two strangers one year six and a half month two and a half minutes ago, wearing a gay-like-pattern plain purple cloak, inviting me to join a guild. One of them was quite rude so that I nearly summon my power to kill him. The other one talked softly to me,” Come and join us .You’ll find friends who are just like you. “Well, to tell a story (to lengthen this essay), my parents died. My mother was after giving birth to me and my father is of unknown reason. So, without having to ask permission from anyone, I agreed.
            I haven’t told you what are my true abilities, right? Well that will have to wait. In the guilds headquarter, the very first day, I already fought with this one poor bloke. He challenged me on a duel to know who are better. So I accepted. We fought. He was so weak so that his attacks do not even touch me a little bit. I hold back my power, just defending and finally he fell, fainted, exhausted of using too much energy. Then many of his friends came to assist him. I drew out my defense mechanism and all of them (not all) were shocked. They were impressed to see how good I am in handling my power. After that I made friend with all of them and we lived peacefully (not quite, actually).
            Our duty is to defend earth from monsters. We have fought many battles that nearly took our life. So I skipped and telling you the most challenging one. (new paragraph OK)
             It is time to tell you that my power is to control swords and blades. Well I told you before I am able to control elements, right? Well I trained my powers to be fond of controlling any types of metals. So mainly I controlled sharp weapons. My defense mechanism is to summon those blades to surround me, channel some energy and they will automatically defend me from being harm. If a strong blow hits me, I have to channel extra energy. 

I was in-charge of guarding an area near a town. It is hard because I had to prevent EVERYTHING from being seen by the townsfolk, even a bright light. All of the guild’s high ranking officer (I’m one of them) were with me. I drew out my defense mechanism but invisible (of course it cannot be seen, fool) in order to prepare. I also drew a large amount of energy to summon swords and blades of thousands in number and have them surrounding us. Others also did the same in their own styles. So we waited.

Then the freaking cow (no, not a cow but a monster) came out from the sky. My colleagues did his part which is to drag the monster into our realm. And it worked easily. My part was to guard the outer area of the realm (a black hole which brought the monster to a black world).When the time came to my second part, all of them came out and I get into the realm. Then I made my defending blades visible and summoned my offending mechanisms which are five blades above the defending blades. Then the monster, called Behemoth attacked. My blades protected me. Then I bring my hand forward as an order to my blades to attack. I shouted “attack” the five blades attacked the monster one by one. It cut the monster little by little then its left hand completely cut off. However it regenerated! It became a new hand, but bigger and also came with an extra blade at the elbow and claws at each of the five knuckles. Again, it attacked. This time it was a stronger blow, five times perhaps, it sent me flying about 3 meters away. My blades, one of them cracked bit by bit then completely broke.

I told myself “He’s strong. Some of my energy was already channeled to those thousands of blades outside. I think it is time for theta state. ” Then I instantly entered alpha state (a state of mind with lower cycles than our current state-Beta state)(I learned about this while LeadTrain-ing while I'm studying in IIUM). My mind became calmer and calmer, then instantly I know how to counter that bloody Behemoth. “O mighty blade, heed my calls ! “I said. Then six layers of blades, each have six blades, and my defending blades increase in number from eight to sixteen with a larger radius. Then I summon my greatest sword, hold and brought it forward .Pointing to Behemoth, I said calmly “charge.” Then me and my blades attacked, slashed all over its body. I jumped and roared “Black Fang Slash” then swing my sword in the air. A black crescent-like light came out of my sword then dashed forward and went through Behemoth’s body. It was ended. His body bleeds heavily then disappeared slowly.

It didn’t ends there. The story will come more later, I’ll think about a more challenging and shocking and full of suspense story.

Nanti aku tambah lg episode lain.


                                       Periodic Table Of Elements

                             Principles Of General Chemistry - S.Silberberg


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